Prepare your skin for the colder seasons

Skincare routine for winter


Cold nights, rainy days and a lot of sneezes. That only means one thing: autumn has arrived.

This season transition comes together with some weather changes, which always has some impact on the human body. People put on warmer clothes and some catch a cold or even catch a virus. It does not only have an impact on your health but also on your skin. During the colder months, people start to struggle with protecting their skin. Some of you already have an extensive skincare-routine but here are some major tips and tricks to adjust your routine to the colder seasons of the year.

The change in weather will result in a buildup of dead skin cells, which leads to the presence of bacteria beneath the skin’s surface. Furthermore, this causes trapped oil and breakouts. Probably you will spend less time outdoors because of the cooler weather and the shorter days. When spending more time indoors, your skin will require more hydration. So let’s take a look at how we can keep the skin hydrated.

What is better for keeping your skin bright than vitamin C! The use of vitamin C during autumn or winter has a major advantage: it stimulates production of collagen, so it retains moisture, which protects the skin against aggressors. Want to get a vitamin C boost without changing your routine too much? Check out our Vitamin C Lemon Sheet Mask from Secret Nature. Perfect to add a little bit of vitamins to your skin!

Secondly, add oil-based products to your skincare-routine! Most likely your skin becomes drier in these colder months, which results into your skin producing less oil. Using oil=based products benefits your skin by improving its moisture retention. Next, never forget that UVA and UVB rays do not just disappear when there is no sunshine. This makes sunscreen a year-round product. So, do not forget to protect yourself from the sun and wear sunscreen! Check our sunscreens here.

Do you know that feeling when you come back into your cozy, warm home after a walk in the cold weather? Well unfortunately, that feeling is not making your skin very happy: your skin dehydrates. Hyaluronic acid is a key player to solve this. You now might ask yourself: what is hyaluronic acid?  Well, it is a substance which is naturally present in the human body. It increases the viscosity of liquids and fluids. We offer several products containing hyaluronic acid but the most well-known one must be the Hyaluronic Hydra Power Essence from COSRX.

Lastly, your moisturizer will play an important role as well. Most of you already have a good moisturizer in your routine, and a decent product always does its job. It is not that you desperately have to change your moisturizer during the cold months, but a thicker one is definitely recommended. Also note that using more moisturizer than usual does not have a significant effect on your skin.

To sum it up: use vitamin C, introduce oil-based products into your routine, and keep moisturizing. And be good for your skin, so never forget to protect against UV-rays!