5 tips to treat your skin during summer



As the summer rolls around and temperatures are increasing, our skin begins to experience changes. With excessive heat and humidity all day, your skin starts screaming for more protection - from exhibiting those annoying rashes and sunburnt to stubborn acne. Here are 5 tips to level up your skincare game during the hot days.

1. Care for vitamin C

Vitamin C serum is a good option for a summer skincare routine as it provides antioxidants. These antioxidants are important as it protects your skin from oxidant-induced damages. A vitamin C serum works wonders to hydrate your skin. Besides, they protect your skin from environmental damage, help to boost collagen, and scavenge free radicals to prevent damage to skin. 

2. Use a good toner

A good toner can be effective in closing open pores. The maximum number of sebaceous glands are found on the T-zone of the face. To prevent sweat and oil from clogging these pores, use an aloe vera based toner as they are lighter.  

3. Exfoliate thoroughly

The key to avoid any nasty breakouts during the summer is to properly cleanse all the dead skin cells, oil, sweat, and sunscreen that accumulate on your face during the day. Gentle exfoliation is a life-saver here. 

4. Don't forget your moisturizer

Since our skin tends to get more oily and obviously is more sweaty during the hot summer months, we’re tempted to skip on moisturizer. But this does not help our skin. As a matter of fact, it only makes things worse. Our skin is already feeling a bit stressed and now we’re avoiding additional care and a layer of protection against pollutants, irritation and dryness. So, do not skip the moisturizer.

5. Sunscreen is your BFF

You should wear sunscreen all day, every day, all year round. Especially during the summer months when the days are longer and UV rays are stronger. Sunscreen minimizes UV damage like wrinkles, dark spots and other aging signs. More importantly, it decreases your risk of skin cancers. Check out our sun protection products here.


These 5 summer essentials should help you survive the hot weather, and overcome excess sebum, oil or rashes. Keep in mind that a healthy skin comes with a healthy lifestyle as well, especially in the summer. Drinking enough water and eating some extra fruits will give a double effect to keep your skin safe and solid.