About K-care

What drives us, you might ask? Well...

At K-care we focus on providing you with the best non-cruel skincare products from South Korea. Hereby we exclusively look for natural and clean products, both good for the planet and good for you. 

We select the finest brands, whom only use the highest-quality of ingredients, and want to make it approachable for everybody. We are aware that not everyone might be familiar with the benefits of Korean skincare (or skincare in general), that is why we provide you with a first-class service. Subscribe to our newsletter or have a look at our routine page, to get to know the skincare-basics. 

Korean cosmetics have long been the market leader in Asia by means of reputation and quality. Therefore, K-care was founded in Belgium by two students with the sole purpose to make Korean cosmetics more known and available within Europe. 

If you want to know more, please reach out to info@kcare-cosmetics.com